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The Red Tree 2XLP


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Released Jan 20, 2017 Dine Alone

Moneen - The Red Tree 2XLP

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Vinyl Details

Vinyl Color: Black (LTD 500)

Album Details

2017 double vinyl reissue of Moneen's The Red Tree.


Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do
If Tragedy's Appealing, Then Disaster's An Addiction
Bleed And Blister (Version 3)
The Day No One Needed To Know
This Is All Bigger Than Me
The Frightening Reality Of The Fact That We Will All Have To Grow Up And Settle Down One Day
The Politics Of Living And The Shame In Dying
The East Has Stolen What The West May Want
Seasons Fade... Fevers Rage... It's A Slow Decay
There Are A Million Reasons For Why This May Work... And Just One Good One For Why It Will
The Song I Swore To Never Sing
His Own Anomaly (39 42' 10" N 044 16' 30" E) (Bonus Track)
Prepare Yourself... The Worst Is Yet To Come (Bonus Track)

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