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The Complete Vinyl Collection Boxset

Mitch Hedberg

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Released Nov 4, 2016 Comedy Central

Mitch Hedberg - The Complete Vinyl Collection 4XLP Boxset


Album Details

Mitch Hedberg's singular style and absurd observations about everyday life turned him into a comedy legend. Now you can relive his entire body of work whenever you want. MITCH HEDBERG: THE COMPLETE VINYL COLLECTION includes all three of his original albums (STRATEGIC GRILL LOCATIONS, MITCH ALL TOGETHER and DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOSH?), never-before-heard recordings, bonus videos and a book by Lynn Shawcroft, which features essays from Doug Stanhope, Mike Birbiglia and Margaret Cho.


LP 1
The CD Jokes (Strategic Grill Locations)
Koalas (Strategic Grill Locations)
Highlights (Strategic Grill Locations)
You Were Good (Strategic Grill Locations)
Shaving Too (Strategic Grill Locations)
Minibar (Strategic Grill Locations)
Beret and Pancakes (Strategic Grill Locations)
The Velcro Wallet (Strategic Grill Locations)
Dry Clean Only (Strategic Grill Locations)
Gambling (Strategic Grill Locations)
My Necklace (Strategic Grill Locations)
Acting (Strategic Grill Locations)
Lynn (Strategic Grill Locations)
Tomatoes (Strategic Grill Locations)

LP 2
Six People Isn't Convincing (Strategic Grill Locations)
Cookies (Strategic Grill Locations)
Oatmeal (Strategic Grill Locations)
Smackie The Frog (Strategic Grill Locations)
Frogs and Bears (Strategic Grill Locations)
Fire Exit (Strategic Grill Locations)
The Dufrenes (Strategic Grill Locations)
Opening for The Neville Brothers, February 11th, 1995 (Early Show), TropWorld (Strategic Grill Locations)
Hidden Track - Origin of Strategic Grill Locations (Strategic Grill Locations)

LP 3
This CD is in Stores (Mitch All Together)
Sandwiches (Mitch All Together)
Not Track Five, Not Chainsaw Juggler (Mitch All Together)
Teeth (Mitch All Together)
Candy Bars (Mitch All Together)
Houses (Mitch All Together)
Pop (Mitch All Together)
The Pipe (Mitch All Together)
Business Cards (Mitch All Together)
Sesame Seeds (Mitch All Together)
Three Easy Payments (Mitch All Together)
Arrows (Mitch All Together)
Saved by the Buoyancy of Citrus (Mitch All Together)
Mitch in the S'th (Mitch All Together)
Bed and Breakfast (Mitch All Together)
X (Mitch All Together)
Movie Pot (Mitch All Together)

LP 4
The Improv Fairy Tale (Do You Believe In Gosh?)
Door Deal (Do You Believe In Gosh?)
Hot Air Balloon (Do You Believe In Gosh?)
Headless Horseman (Do You Believe In Gosh?)v 5. Hotels and Beds (Do You Believe In Gosh?)
Phil (Do You Believe In Gosh?)
Restaurants (Do You Believe In Gosh?)
Texas and Sea Food (Do You Believe In Gosh?)
Tea Ski (Do You Believe In Gosh?)
Canal Smarts (Do You Believe In Gosh?)
The Vacuumist (Do You Believe in Gosh?)
Belt (Do You Believe in Gosh?)
Soda Pop (Do You Believe in Gosh?)

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