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Pennybridge Pioneers LP


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Released Jul 18, 2016 Epitaph

Millencolin - Pennybridge Pioneers LP

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Millencolin's fourth album, 2000's Pennybridge Pioneers, found them teaming up with Epitaph owner/producer Brett Gurewitz, a partnership that created a crisp, full-spectrum sound big enough to house the band's intense, evocative music. While Pennybridge Pioneers doesn't abandon the group's trademark punch and fire, it does mark an evolution away from the upstroke guitar riffs and ska rhythms of the past. The songs are some of the most personal and expressive of their career, drawing on the band's experiences with growing up and moving forward. From the relentlessly driving opener, "No Cigar," to the cheeky ode to a motor scooter ("Fox"), and ending with the simple, undeniably melancholy "The Ballad," Pennybridge Pioneers is an extremely accomplished album!


No Cigar
Material Boy
Duck Pond
Right About Now
Penguins & Polarbears
Devil Me
Stop to Think
The Mayfly
Highway Donkey
The Ballad

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