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Bad: 25th Anniversary 3XLP

Michael Jackson

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Released Feb 12, 2013 Epic

Michael Jackson - Bad: 25th Anniversary 3XLP

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Album Details

The Bad album was the third Michael Jackson album produced by Quincy Jones and was originally released on August 31, 1987. It was monumental in many ways; Michael wrote nine of the album's tracks and received co-producer credit for the entire album. The album was #1 around the world, made history with five consecutive #1 singles on the Billboard chart, produced ten chart-topping singles, nine ground breaking short films and to date, the Bad album has generated over 45 Million units in sales.


Disc 1 Side 1
Bad (2012 Remaster) 
The Way You Make Me Feel (2012 Remaster) 
Speed Demon (2012 Remaster) 
Liberian Girl (2012 Remaster) 
Just Good Friends (2012 Remaster)
Disc 1 Side 2
Another Part of Me (2012 Remaster) 
Man in the Mirror (2012 Remaster) 
I Just Can't Stop Loving You (2012 Remaster) 
Dirty Diana (2012 Remaster) 
Smooth Criminal (2012 Remaster) 
Leave Me Alone (2012 Remaster)
Disc 2 Side 1
Don't Be Messin' 'Round 
I'm So Blue 
Song Groove (a.k.a. Abortion Papers) 
Disc 2 Side 2
Price of Fame 
Al Capone 
Disc 3 Side 1
Fly Away 
Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu (I Just Can't Stop Loving You) 
Je Ne Veux Pas La Fin De Nous (I Just Can't Stop Loving You) (French Version) 
Disc 3 Side 2
Bad (Remix By AfroJack Featuring Pitbull-DJ Buddha Edit) 
Speed Demon (Remix by Nero) 
Bad (Remix By AfroJack-Club Mix) 

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