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Remission LP


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Released Jan 5, 2010 Relapse

Mastodon - Remission LP

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Mastodon, featuring ex-members of Today is the Day, Lethargy, and Social Infestation, awaken the slumbering heavy music scene on their debut full-length Remission. The band's prodigious ability bridges the soulful and technical as Herculean yet incisive songwriting is effortlessly fused with an expansive and emotive tenor. Creative, distinct, graceful and strong, Mastodon's Remission features the traits of a benchmark release, a standard to which others have been measured by.


Crusher Destroyer
March Of The Fire Ants
Where Strides The Behemoth
Ol'e Nessie
Burning Man
Trampled Under Hoof
Mother Puncher
Elephant Man

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