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The Pale Emperor 2XLP

Marilyn Manson

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Released Jan 20, 2015 Loma Vista

Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor 2XLP

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Conjured from a séance into a true renaissance. This is, without a doubt, bona fide Marilyn Manson. It is all swagger and does not miss a beat on his ninth, newest studio album, The Pale Emperor. The seer, scribe, painter, actor, criminal, panderer of chaos, live performer...oh, and rock and roll demagogue, thee Marilyn Manson roars back above the froth of mass-media and ass mediocrity to deliver a set of soul-stripping, kiss-smearing, church floor-burning songs that stand, unequivocally, as his most fully-wrought album since 1998’s epochal Mechanical Animals. The Pale Emperor does not just capture our cultural moment, but sinks swamp-deep into equally redneck, snake-handling Baptist-revival-tent terror. He shape-shifts vocally from preacher man to the fangs and venom of the serpent that he holds. (And, just to be clear, while more baddass than bitch, he looks better in ruby lipstick than most ingénues.) Manson has long had his hand on the pulse; now the pulse again moves to the ministrations of his hand. Sounding like a conflicted black and blues combination of a life-lived, The Pale Emperor is a nod to Manson's favorites like Tom Waits, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Joy Division and T. Rex. In its use of space and texture it evokes shades of PJ Harvey, The Birthday Party and Bauhaus. Intimate yet epic; this Emperor embodies a purposeful paradox. Wide-screen sonic storytelling is the essence of The Pale Emperor. With the album, Manson also introduces his newest foil, Tyler Bates. Manson and Bates first met on the set of Californication. Although they did not work together musically on that show, recently their song “Cupid Carries a Gun,” was used in the opening titles to the hit series, Salem, that was also scored by Bates. In Bates, Manson has found an ideal co-conspirator. Followers of the nexus where music meets film will recognize Tyler Bates’ name. He is, by far, the brightest talent working in film and television today. Obviously, his record-setting success with the score for 300, The Watchmen and also cult favorite Killer Joe were enough reasons for Manson to feel honored and excited to collaborate. The duo worked around each other's schedules. While Manson was acting on Sons of Anarchy, Bates just happened to also be scoring the highest grossing film of 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy!


Killing Strangers
Deep Six
Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge
The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles
Warship My Wreck
Slave Only Dreams To Be King
The Devil Beneath My Feet
Birds Of Hell Awaiting
Cupid Carries A Gun
Odds Of Even
Day 3
Fated, Faithful, Fatal
Fall Of The House Of Death

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