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Mariachi El Bronx II LP

Mariachi El Bronx

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Released Sep 2, 2011 ATO

Mariachi El Bronx - Mariachi El Bronx II LP

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In 2008, hard core punk band, The Bronx, diverted from their usual hard rock sound in favor of a mariachi style that is very much a part of the Mexican culture surrounding their hometown, Los Angeles. In June 2008 the band posted a video on You Tube of themselves performing their original "Cell Mates" in mariachi style under the name Mariachi EI Bronx. From that moment on, The Bronx has moved forward on a dual career path with Mariachi EI Bronx issuing their critically acclaimed self ti tled debut album and touring the world. Slide to August 201 1, and the band continues their trailblazing path with their brand new release, Mariachi EI Bronx (II). Produced by John Avila (Oingo Boingo, Reel Big Fish). There is no way in anyone would expect a Mariachi album recorded by some LA punks to be this good, let alone great. Flying far above novelty, Mariachi EI Bronx brings us one of this year's most welcome surprises. If only more bands would flex their creative muscle in the ways that the Bronx have on their new release.


48 Roses
Great Provider
Revolution Girls
Norteno Lights
Mariachi El Bronx
Map Of the World
Bodies Of Christ
Povery's King
Everything Dies
Spread Thin

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