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Erotica 2XLP


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Released Aug 16, 2016 Rhino Records

Madonna - Erotica 2XLP

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The first album released under Madonna's own Maverick label, the pop icon's 1992 conceptual effort Erotica hit #2 on the Billboard 200 and yielded six hit singles. Produced by Madonna, Shep Pettibone and Andre Betts, the album spent over a year on the U.S. charts thanks to the evocative title track which peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the three U.S. Top 40 hits: "Deeper And Deeper" (#7), "Bad Girl" (#36) and "Rain" (#14). Erotica was famously released in coordination with Madonna's first book entitled Sex and both share overt sexual themes. Madonna integrated an alter-ego named Mistress Dita into both projects, largely inspired by actress Dita Parlo.


Bye Bye Baby
Deeper and Deeper
Where Life Begins
Bad Girl
Thief Of Hearts
Why's It So Hard
In This Life
Did You Do It?
Secret Garden

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