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Blue Slide Park 2XLP

Mac Miller

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Released Mar 20, 2012 Rostrum Records

Mac Miller - Blue Slide Park 2XLP

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Rostrum Records presents this 2LP version of Pittsburgh-based rapper Mac Miller's 2011 throwback style debut Blue Slide Park, an album that entered the Billboard Charts at #1, the first independently-distributed release to do so since 1995. Featuring production from fellow hometown team ID Labs along with Ritz Reynolds and Clams Casino, and boasting the successful singles "Frick Park Market," "Party on Fifth Ave" and "Smile Back."

In a blossoming hip-hop hotbed of talent, Malcolm “Mac Miller” McCormick has arrived as the latest superstar out of Pittsburgh, PA. A graduate of Taylor Allderdice High School, Mac caught the eyes and ears of Rostrum Records, inking a deal in July 2010. A multi-talented musician who can play numerous instruments and a young novice of the freestyle/cipher/battle circuit of his hometown, Mac paved his way to superstardom in his blue-collar hometown for years.


English Lane
Blue Slide Park
Party On Fifth Ave.
PA Nights
Frick Park Market
Smile Back
Under the Weather
Of the Soul

My Team
Up All Night
Hole In My Pocket
Diamonds & Gold
Missed Calls
Man in the Hat
One Last Thing

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