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This Old Dog LP

Mac DeMarco

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Released May 5, 2017 Captured Tracks

Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog LP

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The world’s most revered cockamamie Canuck cuck, Mac Demarco, has been on a wet and wild ride since he dropped his debut full-length, 2, in 2012. Some of you fell for his Cheshire Cat gap-toothed grin, others swooned to his warpy slacker songwriting style and the rest of you subscribed to his carefree PMA ethos. Whichever route you took to get on the Mac Track, hello and welcome. You’re safe here.

Album #4 is upon us, a quick follow-up to his previous quick follow-up, and it appears that Mac is wiser in his ways, seasoned in his experiences, and another day closer to emphysema. First single My Old Man finds DeMarco treading through the pains of maturity, coming to terms with the realization that he’s a lot more like his father than he previously thought, but while the lyrical themes may be veering away from his normal wheelhouse, This Old Dog continues to wade through the lazy melancholy river motifs that he’s perfected over the last few albums. Have no fear, Macaholics…you’re gonna enjoy this one just as much as the others.


My Old Man
This Old Dog
Baby You're Out
For the First Time
One Another
Still Beating
Dreams from Yesterday
A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes
One More Love Song
On the Level
Moonlight on the River
Watching Him Fade Away

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