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Digital Shades Vol 1 LP


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Released Nov 20, 2015 Mute

M83 - Digital Shades Vol 1 LP

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Originally recorded in 2006, Digital Shades Vol. 1 exhibits the same textured richness as can be found on all of M83's releases. And while not a categorical sonic shift, Digital Shades follows its individual elegiac, lunar and dream-like path. Recorded primarily at his home studio with the assistance of Antoine Gaillet, Anthony Gonzalez was able to work without pressure, working on the record at his own time and pace. Inspired by Eno and Krautrock in its many forms, M83 focused heavily on subtleties and atmospherics during the writing process. The digital themes, relevant during the entire process, gave him the idea to call the project Digital Shades Vol. 1 and to make the album part of an ongoing series.


Waves Waves Waves
Coloring The Void
Sister (Part 1)
Strong and Wasted
My Own Strange Path
Dancing Mountains
Sister (Part 2)
By the Kiss
Space Fertilizer
The Highest Journey

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