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Matangi 2XLP


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Released Nov 25, 2013 Interscope

M.I.A. - Matangi 2XLP

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Matangi (Interscope) is the highly anticipated and long-delayed fourth full-length from British-born Sri Lankan recording artist M.I.A. and follow-up to her breakout releases Arular (2005), Kala (2007) and Maya (2010). The album includes guest appearances from The Weekend on the tracks "Exodus" and "Sexodus" and production from the likes of Switch, Hit-Boy, Danja and Surkin. The 15-song set is preceded by the trickled out singles "Bad Girls," "Bring the Noize" and "Come Walk With Me."

Once there was a girl named Matangi. This was 5000 years ago. Her father was an untouchable fearsome fighter and was a sage who gained sublime power through ascetic practice over thousands of years, and Matangi became known as a goddess of music and spoken word; she wasn’t a warrior but rather a minister sometimes referred to as the Queen of Queens. She spoke truth to power by communicating from the heart, if we’re not speaking from the heart our words are false and lack meaning. Matangi is often depicted carrying a sword in her battle to protect promise of freedom that words possess and the intrinsic value of that ideas contain; she also carries a parrot, a bird smart enough to say something but not intelligent enough to know what it’s saying, a reminder to humankind of the inherent danger in all our babbling communications.


Only 1 U
Come Walk With Me
Bad Girls

Boom Skit
Double Bubble Trouble
Bring The Noize
Know It Ain't Right

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