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Exhausting Fire LP


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Released Oct 2, 2015 Season Of Mist

Kylesa - Exhausting Fire LP

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Heavy rock luminaries KYLESA tap into the infinite with their epic new album 'Exhausting Fire'. 'Exhausting Fire' sees the acclaimed band weave a lush tapestry of their storied sound that exudes confidence, conviction and class. The colossal riffs, dreamy and hypnotic song-craft, and distinct call-and response vocals crush and caress in equal measure. 'Exhausting Fire' is as expressive and expansive as emotion itself and the definition of strength and elegance. This is KYLESA at their best.


Inward Debate
Moving Day
Lost and Confused
Shaping The Southern Sky
Night Drive
Blood Moon
Growing Roots
Out Of My Mind
Paranoid (bonus track) - See more at:

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