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Islah Cassette

Kevin Gates

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Released Jun 3, 2016 Artist Partner Group

Kevin Gates - Islah Cassette


Album Details

Bread Winners Association artist Kevin Gates has announced the release of his long awaited debutalbum "ISLAH." The album release will follow an upcoming nationwidetour that kicks off November 12th in Orlando, FL. Gates chose to name his debut album "ISLAH" after his daughterwho shares the same name. "Islah" is an Arabic word usually translated as "reform," in the sense of "to improve, tobetter, or to put something into a better position."


Not The Only One
Really Really
2 Phones
La Familia
Time For That
Thought I Heard (Bread Winners' Anthem)
Hard For
Ask For More
One Thing
The Truth
Kno On
Told Me
Ain't Too Hard
I Love It
Jam (feat. Trey Songz, Ty Dolla $ign and Jamie Foxx)
Excuse Me

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