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Put Your Ghost to Rest 2XLP

Kevin Devine

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Released Feb 19, 2016 Bad Timing Records

Kevin Devine - Put Your Ghost to Rest 2XLP

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Put Your Ghost To Rest is Kevin Devine's fourth studio album. It was released on October 17, 2006 through Capitol Records. It was his first and only major label release as of 2009. It was produced by Rob Schnapf, who had previously produced records by Elliott Smith, of whom Kevin is an avid fan. Bad Timing and Devinyl Records are reissuing Put Your Ghost to Rest as a ten year anniversary special limited to 1,250 copies. The partnership follows the labels working together to bring other releases from Kevin such as Brother’s Blood, Matter of Time, and the Devinyl Splits to life on vinyl.


Brooklyn Boy
You're Trailing Yourself
Just Say
You'll Only End Up Joining Them
Billion Bees
Less Yesterday, More Today
Like Cursing Kids
Go Haunt Someone Else
The Burning City Smoking
Me & My Friends
Heaven Bound And Glory Be

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