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Brother's Blood 2XLP

Kevin Devine

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Released Nov 6, 2015 Bad Timing Records

Kevin Devine - Brother's Blood 2XLP

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Kevin Devine, known as one of the most prolific singer-songwriters in the indie-rock community, has always placed premium importance on the messages his songs relay. As his most recent work, the Bulldozer and Bubblegum LPs, show, Devine’s lyricism often ranges from intensely, intimately personal to very outwardly political. Devine’s Billboard 200-charting 2009 LP, Brother’s Blood, is another prime example of his versatility and boundless creativity. Originally released via Favorite Gentlemen Recordings, the record label run by indie-rock act Manchester Orchestra, Brother’s Blood is now getting the deluxe reissue treatment via Favorite Gentlemen and Bad Timing Records. The record is Devine’s best-selling full-length to date. Part of a new partnership between Bad Timing, Favorite Gentlemen and Devine, the Brother’s Blood reissue comes in the form of a double LP record housed in a gatefold jacket with die-cut packaging. The D side of the release contains songs from Devine’s ‘I Could Be With Anyone’ EP. This early-2015 release kicks off what will be a busy year for Devine–fans can expect plenty of new material from the Brooklyn-based songwriter as well as more revisitations to his past work throughout the year. In addition, Devine has already announced two full U.S. tours for the winter and spring of 2015, where he will play Brother’s Blood material sprinkled in with heavy doses of Bulldozer, Bubblegum and other career-spanning songs.


Full Length Vinyl

Side A 

All Of Everything, Erased
Another Bag Of Bones
Hand Of God
Side B
Brother's Blood
Fever Moon
It's Only Your Life

Full Length Vinyl

Side A 

Murphy's Song
I Could Be With Anyone
Yr Husband
Tomorrow's Just Too Late
Side B
The Weather Is Wonderful
She Stayed As Steam
What’s keeping Us Young

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