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Late Registration 2XLP

Kanye West

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Released Aug 30, 2005 Def Jam

Kanye West - Late Registration 2XLP

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"In hip hop, people always have pre-conceived ideas about you when you're a producer who also rhymes. One of the main things I wanna stress is that Stevie Wonder produced his own music. Prince produced his own music; Tyrone Davis and Bobby Womack—all these different people. And you don't even think about the fact that they created their own songs. So I don't see what I do as being any different. I feel like a lot of the soul that's in those old records that I sample is in me. So when I hear 'em and I put 'em with the drums and I bring 'em to the new millennium it's just like God's doing that. I'm one with them records right there. It's a blessing. And best believe I saved some monsters for my album!" – KANYE WEST


Wake Up Mr. West
Heard 'Em Say
Touch the Sky
Gold Digger
Drive Slow
My Way Home
Crack Music
Bring Me Down
Diamonds from Sierra Leone [Remix]
We Major
Hey Mama
Diamonds from Sierra Leone [*]

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