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Man In Black LP

Johnny Cash

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Released Apr 15, 2016 Friday Music Two

Johnny Cash - Man In Black LP

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translucent blue vinyl

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In 1971 after a plethora of chart topping albums, a treasure trove of smash singles and a top rated t.v. show, Johnny Cash put together one of his finest albums ever with his masterpiece “Man In Black.” Recorded in Nashville, TN, Cash wrote and sang some of his most personal and thought provoking songs from the era with such a conviction that he would forever be known as “The Man In Black.”

The “Man In Black” Lp features not only the amazing hit title track, but another top hit with the stellar “The Preacher Said “Jesus Said” featuring the great Billy Graham. More favorites like “Ned Kelly”, the heart wrenching “Dear Mrs.” as well as his tribute to the brave military with “Singin’ In Viet Nam Talkin’ Blues” all made this album the more introspective and top charter album that to this day is still loved by millions.


The Preacher Said, “Jesus Said” ( with Billy Graham)
Orphan Of The Road
You’ve Got A New Light Shining In Your Eyes
If Not For Love
Man In Black
Singin’ In Viet Nam Talkin’ Blues
Ned Kelly
Look For Me ( with June Carter Cash)
Dear Mrs.
I Talk To Jesus Every Day (with June Carter Cash)

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