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Jeff Angell's Staticland 2XLP

Jeff Angell's Staticland

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Released May 20, 2016 UDR

Jeff Angell's Staticland - Jeff Angell's Staticland 2XLP

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Jeff Angell’s STATICLAND will release its self- titled debut album May 20th on UDR, a captivating menagerie of songs that effortlessly shift from raucous, snarling, barn burners to moving Stones - inspired ballads that you will want to play on repeat. Produced By Grammy award winner Vance Powell (Jack White, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, Seasick Steve), the sound is that of a provocative, imaginative blues rock which breaths new life into the genre both sonically and stylistically.


Everything Is Wrong
The Edge
Never Look Back
Band-Aid On A Bullet Hole
Phantom Limb
The World Is Gonna Win
I ́ll Find You
High Score
If You Only Knew
Tomorrow ́s Chore
The Past Where It Belongs
The Cure Or The Curse
Let The Healing Begin

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