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Signs & Signifiers LP

JD McPherson

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Released May 29, 2012 Rounder Records

JD McPherson - Signs & Signifiers LP

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2012 album from the critically adored R&B/Rock singer/songwriter. Signs & Signifiers finds this renaissance man/hepcat seamlessly meshing the old and the new, the primal and the sophisticated, on a work that will satisfy traditional American Rock 'n' Roll and R&B purists while also exhibiting McPherson's rarefied gift for mixing and matching disparate stylistic shapes and textures. Recorded on analog equipment through vintage microphones and a 1960s Berlant 1/4 inch tape machine, Signs & Signifiers marks the arrival of an authentic, gutsy true American artist.


North Side Gal
Country Boy
Fire Bug
Signs & Signifiers S
Wolf Teeth
Scratching Circles
Gentle Awakening
Dimes For Nickels
I Can't Complain
Your Love (All That I'm Missing)

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