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Celebration Rock Cassette


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Released Jan 8, 2016 Polyvinyl Records

Japandroids - Celebration Rock Cassette


Album Details

Celebration Rock, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Post-Nothing, was recorded at The Hive, the same Vancouver studio as its predecessor, with engineer Jesse Gander. Japandroids kept the ground rules they’ve always had for recording: no double-tracking guitars and no overdubs unless they’re absolutely necessary.

The raw energy captured on Celebration Rock is well-balanced with a much bigger sound and showcases the band’s growth as songwriters. Songs like “Evil’s Sway” and “The House That Heaven Built” prove the Vancouver duo has more than staying power with this sophomore release.


The Nights of Wine and Roses
Fire’s Highway
Evil’s Sway
For the Love of Ivy
Adrenaline Nightshift
Younger Us
The House That Heaven Built
Continuous Thunder

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