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Exister LP

Hot Water Music

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Released Feb 10, 2015 Rise Records

Hot Water Music - Exister LP

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clear vinyl

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Hot Water Music has achieved a lasting relevance that most acts only dream of, releasing seven full-length albums, countless singles and touring with everyone from Flogging Molly to Coheed & Cambria. Combining elements of punk rock and post-hardcore, the band pioneered a blend of music that has inspired bands like The Gaslight Anthem and Against Me!. With high expectations set by critics and fans alike, they headed to the studio with Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, The Descendants) to record "Exister".


Boy, You're Gonna Hurt Someone
State of Grace
Drown In It
Drag My Body
Wrong Way
Take No Prisoners
Pledge Wore Thin
No End Left In Sight
The Traps
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