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Hot Hot Heat LP

Hot Hot Heat

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Released Jun 24, 2016 Karisma Records

Hot Hot Heat - Hot Hot Heat LP

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There are two paths a band can take: The one that adheres to convention or one that denies it. Hot Hot Heat has always taken the latter, breaking new ground in what is sonically possible throughout their storied career. When the band formed in 1999 in Victoria, British Columbia, the musicians were interested in rebelling against the norm and in creating songs that would generate excitement and energy while invoking an edgy pop sensibility. The result was fervent dance rock, the sort of music that impels you to move along with it, and Hot Hot Heat was at the forefront of what became a massive musical movement in the early ‘00s.

Hot Hot Heat's new self-titled album, their fifth full-length, punctuates that career. It's the final release from a band that has innovated and explored, reminding the listener of what they've built since the group unveiled their debut album Make Up The Breakdown in 2002. Written between 2011 and 2014, the band moved away from the experimental sensibility they investigated on 2010's Future Breeds and looked back toward their first two albums for inspiration. The idea was to be as natural as possible and get in touch with their inherent skill for songwriting. After penning a batch of songs, the band gathered in 2014 to record the ten best with Canadian musician and producer Ryan Dahle, who worked on Future Breeds, in frontman Steve Bays and Ryan's adjoining studios.


Kid Who Stays In The Picture
Modern Mind
Pulling Levers
Bobby Joan Sex Tape
Mayor Of The City
Alaskan Midnight Sun
Comeback Of The Century
Sad Sad Situation
10. The Memory's Here

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