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If Only You Were Lonely LP

Hawthorne Heights

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Released Oct 2, 2015 Victory

Hawthorne Heights - If Only You Were Lonely LP

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Album Details

If Only You Were Lonely is a concept album following the long-distance relationship between a young couple who were unwillingly taken apart because of the boy's family moving (hence the line in the opening track, "I know it seems like we're never coming back"). Throughout the album, the couple keep their relationship going while talking on the phone and look back on the pain they went through due to their separation. This is especially evident in "Pens and Needles" and "Saying Sorry". In the album's final track, "Decembers", the boy remembers all the times he had with his girlfriend and wishes he could have her back. Their relationship is also shown in the cover for both the original and alternate version of the album, as you can see a man sleeping by himself in the original and a woman sleeping by herself in the alternate version.


"This Is Who We Are" 3:45
"We Are So Last Year" 2:58
"Language Lessons (Five Words Or Less)" 3:21
"Pens and Needles" 3:15
"Saying Sorry" 3:07
"Dead In the Water" 3:51
"I Am On Your Side" 4:14
"Breathing In Sequence" 3:29
"Light Sleeper" 3:26
"Cross Me Off Your List" 3:40
"Where Can I Stab Myself In the Ears" 3:42
"Decembers" 4:45

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