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Take As Needed For Pain LP

Hank Williams III

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Released Apr 14, 2015 Curb

Hank Williams III - Take As Needed For Pain LP

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gold vinyl

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Shelton Hank Williams, better known as Hank III, is an outlaw, a battler of convention. He comes by it naturally: The third generation of Hanks, and the third generation to tilt nobly at country traditions and white-collar establishment sensibilities. After all, this 39-year-old semi-reformed punk-metal drummer is the son of Hank Jr., a blue-collar hero who has difficulty ducking controversy even on something as Richard Nixon and apple pie American as “Monday Night Football.”


Ruby, Get Back To The Hills
Torn Between Suicide & Breakfast
No Values
Gotta Buy Paw A Truck
Take As Needed For Pain
White Trash
King Cartel

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