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Warning LP

Green Day

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Released Jul 28, 2009 Reprise

Green Day - Warning LP

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Let this be a Warning: "Green Day have risen from their two-year slumber, ready to reclaim their title as punk provocateurs." (Alternative Press) Returning to the raw power, freedom and excitement of their early days. Green Day, the band that sparked neo-punk, punk metal and the ska revival, offered Warning:, one of the most passionate and hope-filled albums of their career.


Side A

Blood, Sex And Booze (Vinyl Album Version)
Church On Sunday (Vinyl Album Version)
Fashion Victim (Vinyl Album Version)
Castaway (Vinyl Album Version)
Misery (Vinyl Album Version)

Side B

Deadbeat Holiday (Vinyl Album Version)
Hold On (Vinyl Album Version)
Jackass (Vinyl Album Version)
Macy's Day Parade

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