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Hang-Ups LP


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Released Jul 14, 2015 srcvinyl

Goldfinger - Hang-Ups LP

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180 Gram Black (LTD 250)
180 Gram Translucent Red (LTD 500)
180 Gram Red w/ Black Smoke (LTD 500)

Album Details

Goldfinger return with a sophomore album that takes a tight, cohesive sound and adds a drop more ska to the ska-punk-metal-pop mix that won them interest and acclaim after the release of their self-titled 1996 debut. Amid crashing guitars and occasionally cacophonous vocals by John Feldmann, HANG-UPS offers wonderfully engaging surprises like a sweetly unexpected sense of melody, an unshakable twisted wit, and a newly expanded horn section which contributes to the album's full, vivid sound.

"If Only" stands out both for its typical Goldfinger humor ("If only I was eighteen/And had the courage of the A-Team/Maybe then you'd be with me") and its gentle, melancholy lyrics and vocals. Feldmann's ability to let his voice go from punk-sinister to soft and pretty is one of the many strengths of this engaging band.


My Head
If Only
The Lonely Place
¢ Goodbye
Too Late
I Need To Know
The Last Time
Chris Cayton

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