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Absent Sounds LP

From Indian Lakes

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Released Oct 7, 2014 Triple Crown Records

From Indian Lakes - Absent Sounds


Album Details

From Indian Lakes return with their self-produced new album, Absent Sounds, the follow up to the self-released Able Bodies. The band, who has previously been described as “what a modern day rock & roll band could sound like if they were giving their own spin off of an Elliot Smith album,” – Underthegunreview. Started in 2007 by singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi, From Indian Lakes has since expanded to include Justin Stanphill (guitar and vocals), Chris Kellogg (bass and vocals), Tohm Ifergan (drums), and Enrique Gutierrez (keys and vocals). Their debut album, 'The Man With Wooden Legs' was released in 2009 and was quickly followed up by a fan favorite, 'Acoustic EP', which Joey recorded and mixed in a home studio. After a few years of writing, touring, and building their fan base, they released 'Able Bodies' in November 2013. The album took the music scene by storm and remains in high acclaim by countless sites, magazines, blogs, and of course, their fans. ‘Absent Sounds’will be the band’s first album since signing to Triple Crown Records in 2013. From Indian Lakes explores what it means to be alive throughout the album; “Sleeping Limbs,” is an echoing and ethereal song that asks, “What’s the point to this?” Meanwhile “Am I Alive,” uses sweet and lilting melodies to lift the mood. The band has spent the summer supporting the RX Bandits/The Dear Hunter across the states and look for the band to stay on the road through the rest of 2014 and beyond.


Come In This Light
Label This Love
Breathe, Desperately
Sleeping Limbs
Am I Alive
Awful Things
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