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In Your Honor 2XLP

Foo Fighters

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Released Nov 21, 2011 RCA

Foo Fighters - In Your Honor LP

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The Foo Fighters double album In Your Honor (2005) also marks their 10th Anniversary as a band. The first album of the 21-track, 2LP set more than lives up to Dave Grohl's mission statement of being "the most ass-kicking thing we've ever done," yielding one flawless Foo Fighters barnstormer after another with the title track, "Best Of You," "DOA," "Resolve" and "No Way Back." The contrasting second half showcases the sensitive side of the band that made sleeper hits out of the acoustic versions of "Everlong" and "Times Like These" with the dynamic cuts "What If I Do," "Miracle" and "Virginia Moon."


In Your Honor
No Way Back
Best Of You
The Last Song
Free Me
The Deepest Blues Are Black
End Over End
The Sign
What If I Do?
Another Round
Friend Of A Friend
Over And Out
On The Mend
Virginia Moon
Cold Day In The Sun

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