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Swagger LP

Flogging Molly

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Released Mar 6, 2007 Side One Dummy

Flogging Molly - Swagger LP

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Nothing like a traditional Irish band from California. All cynicism aside, Flogging Molly's hybrid of street punk and pub-rock is a ruckus of punch-drunk energy. Combining the folk of the Pogues with an Oi! blast by way of the Dropkick Murphys, their debut full-length Swagger provides a brew of rowdy party music that's perfect for any barroom brawl. Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Side One Dummy is proud to re-issue Flogging Molly's three studio albums on vinyl. All three have gatefold packaging and are pressed on vinyl. Flogging Molly's catalog has sold over a million copies worldwide, and this limited pressing series will become a mustown for their legions of fans. Flogging Molly's first album, featuring fan favorites 'Salty Dog', 'Devil's Dance Floor' and 'Black Friday Rule'


Salty Dog
Selfish Man
The Worst Day Since Yesterday
Every Dog Has Its Day
Life In A Tenement Square
The Ol' Beggars Bush
The Like of You Again
Black Friday Rule
Grace of God Go I
Devil's Dance Floor
These Exiled Years
Juan el Sentimental
Far Away Boys

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