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Float LP

Flogging Molly

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Released Feb 17, 2009 Side One Dummy

Flogging Molly - Float LP

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What makes a band truly remarkable? Insightful lyrics? Memorable melodies? Blow-your mind live performances? The truth is that it takes all of those things along with a boundless enthusiasm, an infectious energy and a supreme devotion to the fans. With this rare combination, a band may ascend past “good,” – and reach sublime. Drawing on the hardships and joys of their own lives and a musical history ranging from old world Celtic to modern day punk rock, the seven members of Flogging Molly do just that, and they do it with a charm and an ease that makes them one of the most revered bands performing today. Flogging Molly isn’t a mere band, they’re a seven member nuclear family. They are as devoted to one another as they are to the music they create. It’s no wonder their extended family – the legion of loyal Flogging Molly fans – keeps growing every day.


Requiem For A Dying Song
(No More) Paddy's Lament
You Won't Make A Fool Out Of Me
Lightning Storm
Punk Drunk Grinning Soul
Us Of Lesser Gods
Between A Man And A Woman
On The Back Of A Broken Dream
Man With No Country
The Story So Far

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