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Tusk 2XLP

Fleetwood Mac

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Released Nov 19, 2012 Warner Bros.

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk 2XLP

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The Fleetwood Mac of 1970, before Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined the group, was primarily a British blues band. These songs, recorded after the departure of band leader Peter Green and the release of their fourth album, "Kiln House" show a broadening of the band's use of blues into other contexts with new musical influences. Fleetwood Mac continues today as one of the most enduring and successful rock bands in history.


Full Length Vinyl

Side A

Over & Over
The Ledge
Think About Me
Save Me A Place

Side B

What Makes You Think You're The One
That's All For Everyone
Not That Funny
Sisters Of The Moon

Full Length Vinyl

Side A

That's Enough For Me
Brown Eyes
Never Make Me Cry
I Know I'm Not Wrong

Side B

Honey Hi
Beautiful Child
Walk A Thin Line
Never Forget

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