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Say Hello To Sunshine 2XLP


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Released Jun 10, 2014 srcvinyl

Finch - Say Hello To Sunshine 2XLP


Vinyl Details

Please note vinyl is blue or yellow and distributed at random.

Vinyl Details:

- Available on vinyl for the first time ever!
- Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Stan Ricker
- Audio master sources are 44.1kHz/24bit
- Gatefold jacket with matte finish, 11 x 22 Insert matte finish
- Includes two bonus tracks!

Vinyl Color:

180 Gram Yellow (Pantone Color 122C) LTD 500 SRC Exclusive
180 Gram Blue (Pantone Color 535C) LTD 1,000

Album Details

Say Hello to Sunshine is the second studio album by American rock band Finch, released on June 7, 2005. This album signaled a sharp departure from the band's last release, What It Is to Burn. Say Hello to Sunshine introduced a harder, gritty sound, with less screaming and a more of an alternative rock sound compared to earlier recordings.


Side A
Insomniatic Meat
Revelation Song
Brother Bleed Brother
A Piece Of Mind
Side B
Hopeless Host
Reduced To Teeth
Side C
A Man Alone
Bitemarks And Bloodstains
Side D
The Casket Of Roderick Usher
Dreams Of Psilocybin
Gak (Bonus)
Spanish Fly (Bonus)

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