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Re-Industrialized 2XLP

Fear Factory

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Released Jun 23, 2023 Nuclear Blast America

Fear Factory - Re-Industrialized (Silver)

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Vinyl Details

Limited Edition Colored Vinyl Silver Vinyl **At time of listing, color subject to change

Album Details

2023's "Re-Industrialized" is a new take on Fear Factory's classic album "The Industrialist". Featuring a new master w/ real drums provided by Mike Heller. Double LP format format contains 16 tracks including the bonus tracks Fade Away (Recharger Remix by Rhys Fulber and Dino Cazares), Noise In The Machine (Difference Engine Remix by Blush Response), Landfill, Saturation, and Passing Complexion.


1 The Industrialist
2 Recharger
3 New Messiah
4 God Eater
5 Depraved Mind Murder
6 Virus of Faith
7 Difference Engine
8 Disassemble
9 Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed
10 Enhanced Reality
11 Human Augmentation
12 Fade Away (Recharger Remix By Rhys Fulber and Dino Cazares)
13 Noise in the Machine (Difference Engine Remix By Blush Response)
14 Landfill
15 Saturation
16 Passing Complexion

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