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Songs Of Faith And Devotion LP

Depeche Mode

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Released Feb 4, 2014 Warner Bros.

Depeche Mode -  Songs Of Faith And Devotion LP

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From the beginning of their career Depeche Mode have been at the forefront of remix culture; creating their own classic extended mixes back in the early 80s and over the years amassing a collection of remixers of their songs that pretty much charts the history of cutting edge dance music.


Side A 

I Feel You ( Remastered Version)
Walking In My Shoes ( Remastered Version)
Condemnation ( Remastered Version)
Mercy In You ( Remastered Version)
Judas ( Remastered Version)

Side B

In Your Room ( Remastered Version)
Get Right With Me ( Remastered Version)
Rush ( Remastered Version)
One Caress ( Remastered Version)
Higher Love ( Remastered Version)

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