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Karma 2XLP


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Released Nov 20, 2015 Nettwerk Records

Delerium - Karma 2XLP


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coke bottle green vinyl

Album Details

Karma is the 1997 breakthrough album from Canadian alt-pop legends Delerium; the duo comprised of Bill Leeb and his long time collaborator/co-producer Rhys Fulber. The album was the follow up to their 1995 debut Semantic Spaces and features the hit single "Silence" with Sarah McLachlan on vocals. Since it's release almost 20 years ago, "Silence" has evolved into one of the most recognizable electronic dance tracks from the 90's aided by remixes by DJs such as Tiësto and Airscape. As of November 2015, Delerium fans will finally get their chance to hear Karma's incredible production and sonics on vinyl for the very first time. Limited edition colored double vinyl plus exclusive download card for bonus remixes.


Enchanted (feat. Kristy Thirsk)
Duende (feat. Camille Henderson)
Silence (feat. Sarah McLachlan)
Forgotten Worlds

Euphoria (Firefly) (feat. Jacqui Hunt)
Wisdom (feat. Kristy Thirsk)
Window to Your Soul
‘Til the End of Time (feat. Kristy Thirsk)

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