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Remember Two Things 2XLP

Dave Matthews Band

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Released Nov 4, 2014 RCA

Dave Matthews Band - Remember Two Things 2XLP

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In November 1993, DMB released its debut album, Remember Two Things, on its own Bama Rags label. Co-produced with John Alagia, the 10-song set is comprised of a mix of live material ("Ants Marching," "Tripping Billies," "Recently," "Satellite," "One Sweet World," "The Song That Jane Likes"), acoustic songs with Tim Reynolds ("I'll Back You Up," "Christmas Song") and studio recordings ("Minarets," "Seek Up"). Remember Two Things debuted on the college charts as the highest entry – a significant accomplishment for an independent album - and has subsequently been certified Platinum.


Ants Marching (live)
Tripping Billies (live)
Recently (live)
Satellite (live)
One Sweet World (live)
The Song That Jane Likes (live)
Minarets (studio)
Seek Up (studio)
I'll Back You Up (live acoustic)
Christmas Song (live acoustic)

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