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Not To Disappear LP


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Released Jan 15, 2016 Glassnote

Daughter - Not To Disappear LP

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Daughter is the London-based trio of Elena Tonra (vocals, guitar), Igor Haefeli (guitar) and Remi Aguilella (drums). Nearly three years after the release of their debut If You Leave, the band will return in 2016 with a new album, entitled Not To Disappear. Daughter's second outing finds the band making confident strides forward both sonically and lyrically. Elena, Igor and Remi spent a summer in New York recording Not To Disappear with Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, War On Drugs, Animal Collective) at his Rare Book Room studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Featuring the lead single "Doing The Right Thing."


New Ways
Doing the Right Thing
Alone / With You
No Care
To Belong
Made of Stone

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