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His Young Heart 10"


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Released Jul 3, 2012 Glassnote

Daughter - His Young Heart EP

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Daughter is vocalist/guitarist Elena Tonra, electric guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguila. To~!:?,'ether the trio write dark, ethereal and hauntingly beautiful songs that sliowcase a group of young musicians e:lq)erimenting delicately with a rich array of son~ting ideas and yet remain intent on pouring_ out their soul pure and unadufterated. Described by Mojo Magazine as, "unflinchingly honest & hugely captivating," Daughter came together in 2010, and have watched their star gently rise, collecting fans one-by-one as their demo tracks started to spread amongst enthusiastic friends and bloggers. In April 2010, Daughter self-released their debut EP, His Young Heart. Since its release, Daughter has caught the attention of critics and fans alike. In August of2011, the breathtaking, "Lana±ill," was hand-picked by iTunes for their powerful "Spotlight" feature, garnering the bancf more fans as the¥. watched tfteir son&;' climb the iT unes singer I songwriter charts on both s1des of the Atlantic. Featured as Vogue Magazine's 'Artist of the Week,' they describe, "Daugnter masterfully blends fluttering, heart-on-the-sleeve acoustic oallads with brooding, ambient soundscapes ... "


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