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Die Knowing LP

Comeback Kid

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Released Nov 10, 2014 Victory

Comeback Kid - Die Knowing LP

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Hardcore juggernauts Comeback Kid return to release their fifth studio album, "Die Knowing." Sticking with a tighter, simpler songwriting formula on "Die Knowing," the band manage to pack the same in-your-face aggression present in their live show into each ripping track while maintaining their distinctive Comeback Kid spirit. Radiating with themes of "embracing all life has to offer" and "understanding what's really important," "Die Knowing" is a compelling reminder to live life to its fullest and give your all to the people closest to you. Now available on vinyl. Vinyl version includes a free MP3 download.


Die Knowing
Lower The Line
Wasted Arrows Watch Video
Losing Sleep (ft. Poli Correia) Watch Video
Should Know Better Watch Video
I Depend, I Control
Somewhere In This Miserable...
Didn't Even Mind Watch Video
Full Swing (ft. Scott Wade)
Sink In

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