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Youth LP


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Released Jun 11, 2013 Run For Cover

Citizen - Youth LP

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From the First note of Roam the Room, Youth's massive, towering rock songs bleed emotion through until the tape runs out on album closer Drawn Out. Ohio natives Citizen have captured the ghost of Brand New's The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me and reinvented brooding, chorus-driven alternative rock for a new generation. Beautifully harmonized half-shouted vocals along with fuzzy, reverbed-out leads lend weight to the album's mood while also making it impossibly catchy. Following their recent stint as support on Man Overboards' tour, Citizen will play all of the 2013 Van's Warped Tour, poising them to become one of the biggest alternative bands on the road today. For fans of Brand New, Title Fight, Balance and Composure.


Roam The Room
Figure You Out
The Summer
The Night I Drove Alone
How Does It Feel?
Speaking With A Ghost
Your Head Got Misplaced
Sick And Impatient
Drawn Out

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