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Juturna: Deluxe 10 Year Anniversary Edition LP

Circa Survive

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Released Jan 28, 2016 Equal Vision

Circa Survive - Juturna: Deluxe 10 Year Anniversary Edition LP

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180 Gram Black

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Equal Vision Records’ alumni artist Circa Survive will release a deluxe version of their beloved debut full-length Juturna in vinyl, CD and digital formats. The album was originally released on April 19, 2005 via Equal Vision Records, and produced by Brian McTernan at Salad Days Studio. To date, the critically-acclaimed album has sold over 162K copies.


Holding Someone’s Hair Back
Act Appalled
Wish Resign
The Glorious Nosebleed
In Fear and Faith
The Great Golden Baby
Stop the Fuckin’ Car
We’re All Thieves
Oh, Hello
Suspending Disbelief *
Always Getting What You Want
Meet Me In Montauk

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