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Alone In A Crowd LP

Catch 22

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Released Jan 8, 2016 Victory

Catch 22 - Alone In A Crowd LP

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Over five albums hardworking East Brunswick Township, New Jersey act Catch 22 have proven themselves to be one of the top ska influenced punk rock bands in the world along with groups like Less Than Jake, Suicide Machines and the Mighty Might Bosstone. On their infectious sophomore album Alone In A Crowd (2000), the band pumps out an intense and inspirational 14-track set that marvelously blends traditional pop punk with a saluting three-piece horn section amidst themes of alienation and the loss of innocence.


Point The Blame
Sounds Good But I Don't Know
It Takes Some Time
What Goes Around Comes Around
Arm To Arm
Guilty Pleasures
Bloomfield Ave.
Hard To Impress
San Francisco Payphone
Wreck Of The Sloop John B
Neverending Story
Thinking About Things
Alone In A Crowd

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