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Cartel (Green) 2XLP


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Released Dec 4, 2015 srcvinyl

Cartel - Cartel (Green) 2XLP Vinyl

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Vinyl Details

Vinyl Color:
180 Gram Translucent Green (Limited to 500 copies)
180 Gram Translucent Gold (Limited to 1,000 copies)
Pressing Info:
- Lacquers created and mastered for vinyl by Stan Ricker (Stan's final project with SRCVinyl)
- Housed in a reverse cardboard widespine jacket and 11 x 11 insert
- Available on vinyl for the first time ever

Album Details

The album was completed in 20 days inside a giant glass bubble as part of the Band in a Bubble program sponsored by Dr. Pepper, MTV and KFC. The band was forced to live inside the bubble for 20 days without being able to leave. The first single Lose It was performed from the bubble live on June 1st for TRL's Spankin' New Music Week. Throughout the recording of the album, the band was watched constantly by fans through 23 webcams that were positioned all through the bubble. The album was finished two days before the set time and was completed with 13 songs. The album was performed by Cartel after they left the bubble on June 12, 2007 at 8:00 p.m.


The Best
Lose It
No Subject (Come With Me)
This Is Who We Are
I WIll Hide Myself Away/I Will Follow
The Fortunate
If You Do, If You Don't
Lonely One
If I Were To Write The Song . . ./ Get Through This
Wasted (Remix)

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