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That's The Spirit LP

Bring Me The Horizon

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Released Sep 11, 2015 Columbia

Bring Me The Horizon - That's The Spirit LP

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K-based metal band Bring Me The Horizon bring forth their 5th studio album, That's The Sprit, on September 11th worldwide. That's The Spirit is an 11-track, exhilarating ride bursting with huge riffs, soaring vocals and stadium filling monster tracks. The album, which lead singer Oli Sykes recently told NME is "a celebration of depression," was recorded in the spring of 2015 in Santorini, Greece at Black Rock Studios, which the band discovered by Googling "world's most amazing studios." That's The Spirit was mixed in London, mastered in New York and produced by Sykes and the band's Jordan Fish. The band has sold over 700,000 albums across four previous releases in the US. Bring Me The Horizon's most recent full-length release, 2013's Sempiternal, triggered a year of triumphs for the young band from Sheffield, England, entering the UK album chart at #3 and selling more than a half million copies worldwide (300,000 in the US alone), proving a metal band can make their mark on the mainstream. The band brought 2014 to a close on a huge high with their single "Drown" in the top 10 at Active Rock radio for two months straight, marking their biggest US radio song of their career, not to mention a sold-out concert at London's famed Wembley Arena, which produced the DVD release: Bring Me The Horizon: Live At Wembley. Bring Me The Horizon has built a global following and enormous validation in the press since forming in the UK in 2003. Past press correctly puts Bring Me The Horizon on the edge of global domination in the metalcore genre: "Success must be just over the horizon...." - Daily Star, "Bring Me The Horizon teeter on the brink of hugeness" - The Guardian, "Britain's Best Band" - Kerrang, "....surely it's only a matter of time before BMTH become one of the biggest bands on the planet" - Rocksound Bring Me The Horizon will embark on a major market headlining tour in the US October 1st through October 25th. Bring Me The Horizon is Oli Sykes (vocals), Matthew Nicholls (drums), Matt Kean (bass), Lee Malia (guitars), Jordan Fish (programming and keys).


Happy Song
True Friends
Follow You
What You Need
Oh No

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