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BoySetsFire LP


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Released Nov 20, 2015 Bridge 9

BoySetsFire - BoySetsFire LP

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There is a good reason why BoySetsFire's new album is self-titled. It is the final result of a fight for freedom that lasted years and a reawakening of all the strengths within the band, combined with the power of the close bonds between its members. The focus is on their own abilities, something that was not always easy for frontman Nathan Gray, nor the rest of the band, which includes Chad Istvan, Joshua Latshaw, Chris Rakus and Robert Ehrenbrand. The captivating euphoria that has been building around the band for years has been channeled into thirteen songs that contrast with the rage of the previous album, with rousing optimism seeping from every pore. You could say that the eponymous album is the light-hearted sister of the brooding While A Nation Sleeps... (2013).


Savage Blood
Cutting Room Floor
Don't Panic
Ordinary Lives
One Match
The Filth Is Rising
Torches To Paradise
Heaven Knows
Fall From Grace
Dig Your Grave
Breathe In, Bleed Out
Bled Dry

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