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Life And Times LP

Bob Mould

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Released May 5, 2009 Anti

 	Bob Mould - Life And Times LP

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Bob Mould is one of the most influential musicians of the alternative rock era, first for his early work with post-punks Husker Du, followed by the college-rock-defining pop of Sugar, and finally for his solo albums, notably his first, "Workbook", which quieted Mould's previous ire to reveal his fine songwriting in a new light and allowed an introspective glimpse into the inner workings of an evolving artist. With "Life And Times", Mould comes full circle, reclaiming his indie songwriting mantle from the generation of musicians he inspired. Husker Du catalog has SoundScanned over 350K; Sugar 600K.


Life And Times
The Breach
City Lights (Days Go By)
Bad Blood Better
Wasted World
Spiraling Down
I'm Sorry, Baby, But You Can't Stand In My Light Any More

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