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Greatest Hits Cassette

Blink 182

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Released Sep 23, 2016 srcvinyl

Blink 182 - Greatest Hits Cassette


Album Details

- High Quality Dolby Digital Audio Transfers
- Audio Pro Low Noise / High Output Tab In Cassette Tapes

Limited Edition Cassettes:

- Black Shell with a White Sticker Full Color Print (Limited to 500 Copies)
- Metallic Silver Shell With Black Ink (Limited to 500 Copies)

Looking back, it's possible to see the roots of blink-182's tuneful frat punk on Cheshire Cat, but the fact of the matter is, this isn't as good an album as the ones that came later. That doesn't mean it's bad, since it skates by on its impish pranks and brash musicality, but the group is rather scattershot here, hitting the target as often as they miss it. There's enough here to dig into if you're a fan, but you have to be a fan to appreciate it.


What's My Age Again?
All The Small Things
Adam's Song
Man Overboard
The Rock Show

First Date
Stay Together For The Kids
Feeling This
I Miss You
Not Now
Another Girl Another Planet

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