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Between The Buried And Me LP

Between The Buried And Me

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Released Aug 28, 2012 Victory

Between The Buried And Me - Between The Buried And Me LP

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Between The Buried And Me incorporate metal and hardcore with spacey, progressive technicality and poignant rock melodies to create dizzying opuses that will redefine pre-existing notions of "metalcore". Between The Buried And Me find a way to make heavy music refined yet powerful, inventive yet distinct, and at times chaotic, then soothing. With bizarre chord progressions and relentless rhythmic underscores, Between The Buried And Me coalesce musical stylings comparable to Dillinger Escape Plan and Opeth. Their inventive, avant-garde originality respirates a stagnant metalcore scene, catapulting it to the next level. "The Silent Circus" is unique, inspired, ambitious, dynamic, and sets the trend for many bands in the heavy music genre to follow. Founded in early 2000 in Raleigh, North Carolina after the demise of Prayer for Cleansing, Tommy Rogers (vocals) and Paul Waggoner (guitar) formed a new band to continue PFC's legacy of intensity. They picked up Nick Fletcher on guitar, Jason King on bass (both formerly in NC's Azazel) and Mark Castillo (Bury Your Dead) on drums to complete their lineup. This band would soon be called Between The Buried And Me. "It was great to continue playing music with Paul since we had been in bands together for a while, and it was even better to join up with the rest of the guys since Paul and I had known them for years and never really got a chance to do anything together. That was a very exciting time for all of us", said Tommy (vocals). Between The Buried And Me quickly recorded their acclaimed self-titled album and released it on Germany's Lifeforce Records. The name "Between The Buried And Me" was quickly becoming common conversation in the underground heavy music world - news of this band's unbelievable and eclectic blend of hardcore and metal spread rapidly. Between The Buried And Me toured and played shows with bands like Poison the Well, Hatebreed and Malevolent Creation, in addition to playing Hellfest and Furnace Fest during spring/summer of 2002 before signing with Victory Records. Tommy says, "We are extremely excited to be on the Victory roster, we feel that our band will definitely stand out on this label". The news of their signing circulated instantaneously and fanned the flames of anticipation for a follow-up to their self-titled release. In August of 2003, Between The Buried And Me headed to Somerville, MA to Q Division Studios to record their Victory debut, "The Silent Circus", with Producer Matthew Ellard (Converge, "Jane Doe"). This recording captures the depth and intensity of Between The Buried And Me's music - designed to mesmerize the listener with its layered effects and abstract and visionary sounds. "As far as the recording of "The Silent Circus", it was great because we had so much more time to work in the studio this time around. Musically, the new stuff is more technical and our knowledge of music matured - we are better songwriters", said Tommy. With a myriad of influences ranging from their hardcore and metal roots to artists like the Smashing Pumpkins and Dream Theater, Between The Buried And Me creates sincere, artistic songs that explore the commonalities of various forms of music while simultaneously demonstrating their extreme differences. By turns dynamic and brutal, beautifully evocative and cruelly dissonant, Between The Buried And Me provide desperately needed revitalization to every hard music genre.


More Of Myself To Kill
What We Have Become
Fire For A Dry Mouth
Naked By The Computer
Use Of A Weapon
Shevanel Cut A Flip

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