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Whatever And Ever Amen LP

Ben Folds Five

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Released Mar 23, 2015 ORG Music

Ben Folds Five - Whatever And Ever Amen LP

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Ironic, heartfelt, melancholy, hopeful, and altogether unique: All these traits and more shine through the Chapel Hill, NC-based band's second album and 550 Music label debut, Whatever and Ever Amen. In these twelve songs, Ben Folds Five reveals the maturity and insight earned through more than two years of steady touring - without sacrificing the rough-and-ready energy which has always propelled their piano-based brand of rock and roll. Whatever and Ever Amen was recorded in September-October, 1996 in the Chapel Hill house of pianist/vocalist Ben Folds - which was outfitted for the occasion with 16-track recording equipment, a Steinway baby grand piano, and extensive soundproofing. Ben's dad was overseeing the construction even as recording progressed. "We would just set up in the living room and play, with workers coming and going," Ben recalls. "That really took any 'professional' edge off and left us free to just make music." Keeping things within the BFF's musical family, the album was produced by Caleb Southern, with whom the band worked on its self-titled 1995 debut. It was then mixed in New York by Andy Wallace, whose credits include Rage Against The Machine, Jeff Buckley, and Nirvana.


One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces
Song For The Dumped
Selfless, Cold And Composed
Stevens Last Night In Town
Battle Of Who Could Care Less
Missing The War

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